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Follow the evolution of the ladder match and how it has come to be one of the most popular professional wrestling matches today. From the earliest ladder matches through Table, Ladders & Chairs matches and the 6-man Money in the Bank WrestleMania tradition, some of the craziest and most violent ladder matches are presented. Some of the most amazing Ladder Matches in history will be presented in their entirety, featuring superstars such as Shawn Michaels, Edge, Triple H, The Hardys, Chris Benoit, Undertaker, Ric Flair, Bret Hit Man Hart, Rob Van Dam, and more. 3 Disc DVD.

Scheduled to include:

* Jake Roberts vs. Big Daddy Ritter (JYD) - 1979
* Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart (1992)
* Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon (SummerSlam 1995)
* Rock vs. Triple H (SummerSlam 1998)
* Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian (No Mercy 1999)
* The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz (SummerSlam 2000 - TLC I)
* Shane Helms & Shannon Moore vs. Jamie Noble & Evan Karagis vs. Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang (WCW)
* Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble 2001)
* The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz (WrestleMania X7 - TLC II)
* Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz (Smackdown May 2001 - TLC III)
* Edge vs. Christian (No Mercy 2001)
* RVD vs. Eddie Guerrero (RAW May 2002)
* Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy (RAW July 2002)
* Kane & Hurricane vs. RVD & Jeff Hardy vs. Bubby Ray & Spike Dudley vs. Jericho & Christian (RAW Oct 2002 - TLC IV)
* Chris Jericho vs. Christian (Unforgiven 2004)
* Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Christian vs. Chris Benoit vs. Kane (WrestleMania 21 - Money in the Bank)
* Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero (SummerSlam 2005)
* Edge vs. Matt Hardy (RAW Homecoming)
* Edge vs. Ric Flair (RAW January 2006)
* John Cena vs. Edge (Unforgiven 2006 - TLC V)
* Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro (RAW Nov. 2006)
* The Hardys vs. MNM vs. London & Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor (Armageddon 2006)

[center][size=14][b]Tamanho – Disco 1 - ???MB

Tamanho – Disco 2 - ???MB
Tipo de ficheiros – ???
Ano de lançamento – 5 Junho 2007
Duração do documentário – 180 Minutos

Links para download: Disc 1

-CD2- Disc 1

-CD2- Disc 2

-CD2- Disc 2

-CD2- Disc 3

-CD2- Disc 3


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