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 [Download]Unscarred - The Life Of "Sick" Nick Mond

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MensagemAssunto: [Download]Unscarred - The Life Of "Sick" Nick Mond   Qui Jul 26, 2007 12:19 pm

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Czw-Iwa - Unscarred - The Life Of "Sick" Nick Mondo

Unscarred is the documentary of Harcore Indy Wrestling Superstar "Sick" Nick Mondo. The movie covers everything from his early backyard wrestling days, pulling outrageous stunts with his high school friends, to his professional career including Combat Zone Wrestling where he became known as one of the most insane wrestlers of all time. From being power bombed off of buildings to taking a weedwhacker to the stomach, Nick Mondo has done it all and survived. The movie includes great interviews with fellow wrestlers, family, and friends, as well as Mondo himself who relays exactly what was going through his head and what drove him to take such amazing risks.


Get prepared to witness this All-NEW never-before-seen Backyard Wrestling Superstar Series showcase of legendary hardcore icon "Sick Nick Mondo" totally exposed! From unbelievable, ultraviolent, blood-soaked, death-defying wrestling action that has shocked fans all across the globe to outrageous stunts, behind-the-scenes interviews, never-before-seen footage and side-splitting pranks caught on tape, experience first-hand why - despite the road-map of battle wounds he sports on his body - "Sick Nick" has miraculously remained "Unscarred" throughout his years of hardcore fame and glory!

Tamanho do Disco - ???MB
Tipo de ficheiros – ???
Ano de lançamento – 14 Dezembro 2004
Duração do documentário – ???

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Parte 7

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[Download]Unscarred - The Life Of "Sick" Nick Mond
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