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 [Download]Jeff Hardy Shoot Interview - Unwrapping The Enigma

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MensagemAssunto: [Download]Jeff Hardy Shoot Interview - Unwrapping The Enigma   Qui Jul 26, 2007 1:13 pm

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Jeff Hardy Shoot Interview - Unwrapping The Enigma

In Jeff's first one-on-one interview since joining TNA after leaving the WWF, he goes into extensive detail on why he walked away from pro wrestling, what he does to fill his time now, why he returned to TNA, and his reaction about rampant accusations that drugs were a major influence in his career path.

Find out what makes the Charismatic Enigma tick, what he wants for his future, what inspires his music, why he paints his body, what his personal life is like (including the woman in his life), and how his childhood shaped who has become as an adult.

He also sounds off on the Lita-Edge controversy, his thoughts on TNA, some of his favorite matches in WWE, and what he wants for his future.

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[Download]Jeff Hardy Shoot Interview - Unwrapping The Enigma
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