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 [Download]WWE - The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior

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WWE - The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior - a household name and icon in sports-entertainment.

A driving guitar beat heralded his explosion to the ring with his signature arm
bands and face paint. His intensity was unparalleled. His controversial personality
was equally unmatched. Learn about the man and the myth from the people who
witnessed his meteoric rise to the WWE Championship in a victory against Hulk
Hogan before 67,000 fans at Wrestlemania VI. Hear from the Superstars who
worked with the man.

Did he burn out or drop out?

Relive his feuds with "Macho Man" Randy Savage, "Ravishing" Rick Rude,
Hulk Hogan and more. Exclusive interviews with Vince McMahon and Eric
Bischoff break down the Ultimate Warrior's stints in WWE & WCW. Find out
exactly what happened at Summerslam 1991 when The Ultimate Warrior held
up the WWE for more money!

Tamanho – ???MB
Tipo de ficheiros – ???
Ano de lançamento – 24 Setembro 2005
Duração do documentário – 180 Minutos

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[Download]WWE - The Self Destruction Of The Ultimate Warrior
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